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9 x 6 inch hardcover book with 86 pages, signed by the Author. Of all Allied Forces in World War Two an assignment with the most peril for young men from Britain, the USA, or Canada was to a squadron in the British attack force, RAF Bomber Command. Casualty rates were 45%.
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The splendid Bomber Command Memorial at Green Park across from Buckingham Palace was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on June 28, 2012. It sits under an aluminum roof rescued from a WW2 Wellington bomber. The site is an overdue tribute to125000 aircrew who served, and 55,573 who were lost in operations between 1940 and 1945. The celebratory opening comes sixty-seven years after the end of World War Two. The flyers of Bomber Command are the last to receive their honour after six plus decades of being shunned by political officialdom.  

“The Allied bombings of German cities in the latter part of World War Two have their defenders and their critics. Drawing on log books, letters, diaries and official records, James R. Stevens charts the lives, thoughts and actions of five young men and others who participated in Bomber Command. Given the inherent danger of their mission, what emerges is a chronicle of deaths virtually foretold, rendered all the more poignant by the spirit and manner in which these young men met their unsung fates.”
Dr. Nancy Wood, author, “Vectors of Memory: Legacies of Trauma in Postwar Europe”
Bournemouth, UK

“James R. Stevens is a graceful and fearless writer and historian, whose books invariably address the most significant of human themes—injustice, survival, mortality, love and loss. Like his other books, Dead Men Flying, once read, will become a permanent part not just of a reader’s memory but his or her sense of what it is to be human in an oftentimes inhuman world. The book is also a passionately inscribed memorial to lost heroes—and all others who die in the fatal, futile chaos that is war”
Charles Wilkins, author, “Little Ship of Fools”
Thunder Bay, Canada





    Of all Allied Forces in World War Two an assignment with the most peril for young men from Britain, the USA, or Canada was to a squadron in the British attack force, RAF Bomber Command. Casualty rates were 45%. It was a dangerous place to be for a young man committed to fighting against the tyranny that cast darkness and death over Europe. Fifty-five thousand flyers were lost.
    Nearly seventy years later in a new century as adults and school children stand before cold cenotaphs to honour the sacrifice of these youth in blue; what do we really know of their personal journeys and their families’ trials in fighting for our present day freedoms.
    In this book-a gritty memorial drama-the reader follows the deadly flight paths of three Halifax and Lancaster bomber pilots. Charles “Chuck” Lesesne, the second son of a widowed mother is from Charleston, South Carolina, USA. He is a graduate from the historic southern cadet college, The Citadel. Peter “Pete” Manning from St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England is an ‘old boy’ from the Cranleigh School at Surrey; William “Bill” Weiker from Kitchener, Ontario is the older of two sons. His younger brother, Carl is a RCAF navigator in Bomber Command. From rural southern Ontario, Perth County the reader follows the experiences of two mid-upper gunners flying in the RCAF 405 Pathfinder Squadron. They are Gordon Campbell McKay and Ross Bell Nairn, farmers from outside St.Marys, Ontario.
    One will marvel at their bravery: at their long trips into the hell of sub zero night skies over Europe. There they face German night fighters, batteries of cannons, motor failures in their own aircraft and mid air collisions. The odds are poor that flight crews will survive.

    James R. Stevens lives on the shore of Lake Superior in Shuniah, Ontario, Canada.  He enjoys writing non-fiction books that have enduring value.  Some of his work has been in print for over forty years.


    We are nearly a lifetime away from the closure of World War Two in 1945. For young citizens of today that stand in silence at memorials and cenotaphs to honour those who gave their lives for their freedoms, what do most actually know of the heroism, the perseverance and the terror endured by their forbearers? Of all the young men who decided they would like to fly in aircraft the worst posting for personal survival were the night flying attack Squadrons in England’s Bomber Command. This book is a memorial drama of only a few of the thousands who were lost to their friends, mothers and families as they carried out their airborne duties in attempting to subdue the vicious force of an expanding criminal state in Europe. Caught in this war storm were pilots, Peter Manning RAF DFC from St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK; Charles P. ‘Chuck’ Lesesne RCAF from Sumter, North Carolina, USA; William ‘Bill’ Weiker, RCAF DFC/Bar from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and mid upper gunners, F/Sgt’s Gordon McKay and Ross Bell Nairn, both farm boys from Perth County, Ontario, Canada along with a host of other brave airmen. A total of 55,000 of them were killed in flaming wrecks, crashes in mountains and seas. Many of the valiant have no known graves.
    Written from letters home to worried parents, flyers log books, war diaries and official Air Force records these stories of the lost are intimate and personal. Flyers in Wellington, Halifax and Lancaster bombers had to deal with cold fear on each operational flight. They had to believe in luck as they carried out their perilous jobs in skies filled with deadly shrapnel, mid-air collisions, mechanical failures and attacks by crafty German night fighters. What Bomber Command flyers endured is apparent in this book. What their families suffered in reading sparse telegrams and letters from crew mates gives one a deep appreciation when honoring those who fought to maintain freedom in contemporary societies.





James R StevensJames R Stevens
Writer/editor James R. ‘Jim’ Stevens was raised on a dairy farm at St. Marys, Ontario, Canada. Like many Canadian youth he was a hockey player and in 1960 he went off to Ithaca, New York on a scholarship at Cornell University. He has had published a wide range of non fiction books in Canada that vary extensively in their subject matter.

“As an author with the blessing or curse of a Gemini construct in personality many things interest me passionately, however, my bottom line is that a book of mine must have insight and have an enduring quality for readers. A good non fiction book will be valuable long into the future.”  At present Stevens has five books in print in Canada and one of them has been moving off of booksellers shelves for thirty-two years. 




Aboriginal Art

 Aboriginal Paintings Canada

Canadian Aboriginal Paintings depicting the rich indigenous culture of the First Nation People's Woodland style of art. Living north of Lake Superior and south and west of the Hudson Bay coast. 

Eugene Morriseau, Moses (Amik) Beaver, Francis Esquega


 Canadian Aboriginal Art, Moccasins

 Aboriginal Art Moccasins depicting the hand beaded designs of a rich indigenous culture of the First Nation people, living north of Lake Superior and south and west of the Hudson Bay coast.



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Lake Superior Books  

A selection of books by local authors from around the Lake Superior Region. 

Stories about Canadian and Lake Superior history, it's people and their culture.

Wayne PettitRon Wrigley, James R Stevens




 Bamboo Luxury 1900 Series Sheets

 Bamboo Luxury Sheets

Wrinkle Free Silky Soft Feel Deep Pocket Sheets 4 Piece Sheets -
•Machine wash in cold water with similar colours

•Tumble dry on low heat
•Do not bleach, dry clean or iron


Shipwreck Maps

Attractive, fascinating and historically accurate shipwreck posters, available for all five Great Lakes plus the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

A double-ink printing technique is used to create the dark navy blue on cream paper. The result is a stunning, rich effect. For anyone interested in shipwrecks, these maps offer the very best information regarding when, where and what. “Portholes of History” give you insight, facts and figures.

24 x 30 inches, shipped rolled in a tube.

Shipwreck Map Lake Supeiror
Lake Superior

Shipwreck Map Lake Huron
Lake Huron

shipwreck map Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan

Shipwreck Map Lake Erie
Lake Erie


Shipwreck Map Lake Ontario
Lake Ontario



Lake Superior Coffee

Lake Superior Coffee, a craft coffee specially roasted on the shores of Lake Superior. We use only the finest Arabica Coffee Beans.

 Lake Superior Coffee

12 oz & 8 oz bags of
Lake Superior Coffee

Lake Superior Coffee Free Trade

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