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Richard Falshaw

Richard is a Government Certified Driving Instructor. In his relaxation hours he enjoys taking long quiet walks along the water front and some of the other beautiful sites and scenery found in his home town of Thunder Bay. On his walks he has discovered and peaked his interest in taking pictures, developing quite a unique eye for capturing the city and surrounding area's profound beauty.
 Just recently he has purchased a better camera to expand upon his skills. In that, he has been able to further express quite a gifted eye for capturing some unique and creatively taken outdoor photographs. He is a passionate man with an indomitable spirit, containing an upbeat attitude in the face of incredible adversity.

 Richard has a profound gift for sustaining an enjoyable conversation and creating a cheery upbeat atmosphere. When Richard puts his emotional energy to work, he creates some masterful images from his life experiences. 

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Sandra Updyke

Sandra UpdykeSandra Updyke is an outdoor gal, having lived in Hovland, Minnesota her entire life. "I love doing anything outdoors. I have always been interested in art, photography and wildlife. They all work well together. Over the years I have had a good many up close and personal experiences with most of the wildlife up here. Sometimes I had a camera, sometimes not. Some got pretty intense. But they all ended well. My dog, currently a golden retriever named Toby, goes with me on almost all of my expeditions to find something photo worthy. He is a bird dog, for sure. But, camera season lasts all year long. I like to take photos to show the beauty of nature as it really I see it. I don't feel a need to use Photoshop to do a lot of enhancing of what nature has created. I don't have a problem with someone using artistic license to make a nice piece of art. But, I do keep it pretty simple. I actually took up photography more seriously, when I started working full time. Working didn't leave me a lot of time to do much serious painting. But, with photography, I could pick up and go when I had time. Plus, it was a good excuse to make time for outside activities. So, what you see in my photos is a lot of my every day life. I do most of my photos in the winter as I love the ever changing ice formations on the shore of Lake Superior. But I take wildlife photos throughout the year. I hope you enjoy what you see."

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Billie Stechyshyn

Billie StechyshynBillie Stechyshyn is a self taught, ameteur photographer. She started learning from photography sites and friends, "my friends and photography group really encouraged me to keep going and here I am now".

"Thanks to the Thunder Bay Memories group for all the likes. This helped me a lot to pursue this new venture. Started learning about two years now and really started getting serious about photography in the last 6 months."

"I constantly have my camera and my GSD pretty much at my side at all times. My dog, Jazz, is very helpful finding the critters for me on our walks and spot things for me to take pictures of. It's very nice and calm when wildlife is involved.  I have no preference, anything that catches my eye I will take a photo of. I live on Lake Superior and get many nature pictures."
Billie was born and raised in Red Lake, Ontario, sunset country of the North. She met the love of her life and moved to Thunder Bay in 1984. In 1990 they purchased their home in what is now what is called Shuniah, Ontario, 20 minutes east of Thunder Bay.
"I have always enjoyed the outdoors. I did a lot of fishing back in the day. I am also very lucky to work at the restaurant down the road and always have a view of our wonderful Lake Superior."
Thank you all for taking the time to look at my photos.

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JP Fraser

JP Fraseer

             JP Fraser was the Photo Editor at the Chronicle Journal in Thunder Bay. His photographs have appeared in most major daily news papers across Canada and in the United States, including McLean's Magazine, Time Magazine, Harper Bazaar North America and Europe.  He has photographed all of the past Prime Ministers going back to 1979 with Joe Clark. He has also photographed the British Royal Family and one United States Vice President.

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