Custom Sized

Canvas Printing & Stretching


Turn your photographs, paintings and drawings into stretched canvas masterpieces.



(We will assist you with cropping and enhancing your image to suit your needs and preference).

 You will find our prices are very competitive.

Please, call us for a quote on custom dimensions. 

Reflections Caribou by Billie Stetchechyn
Summer Afernoon by Richard Falshaw
Weeping Birch by Billie Stetchechyn

Sealion by JP Fraser 


Want that Gallery Look?

Lake Superior Art Gallery is pleased to be able to print your favourite photographs onto stretched canvas.  Your image is wrapped around the sides of the stretched canvas, providing a three dimensional appearance just like it is done in big art galleries. 

Have you been gazing at the art pieces in the galleries? Want that look? All our canvas images are "gallery wrapped". 

When you put your beautiful photo or digital image on canvas, you want everyone who looks at it to say "Wow!". You are putting your image out there with no frame, no glass and no distractions. You need a canvas that will stand on its own, delivering crisp images, vibrant colour and strong durability. We take a great deal of pride in our canvases and we hope you will entrust your canvas printing and stretching to us.

We can print your high quality image up to 36 inches wide and any custom length you want. We can assist you in cropping your image so that it has the strongest visual impact.  We look forward to meeting with you and assisting with turning your photograph into a masterpiece.

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