August 7, 2018

Just when you thing dealing with Smith Cart could not get worse

On August 7, 2018 we received an email stating 


• Improvement for Admin Custom Views loading
Bug Fixes:
• Fix an issue when adding Grid Variants to the shopping cart
• Minor Booking bug fix


• Module Search Crawler now searches through its store only
• Updated UPS API service and the new API URL
• Extended product custom fields sizes
• In manage orders page display the last success sale payment as the billing info
• Update Auth.Net SDK and the new API changes
• Added Implementation for Tax Nexus when using Zip2Tax service
• Added checkout Accept Terms checkbox feature
Bug Fixes:
• Fix issues with card swipe popup (card present transaction) in Chrome & Edge
• Fix an issue where booking quantity is not being checked
• Booking disabled date minor bug fix

Being careful I contact them and this is the reply 

Hi JP,


Just as any other DNN module, make sure you have a full backup before installing the latest version. You install it on top of your existing version (after you have a backup) and all of your info should still be in tact. 


Keep in mind with most DNN modules (not just ours) you get three months of free upgrades so installing a version you aren't authorized to may cause a licensing message to show up.


At your service,

So I then ask what is the cost of the up grade and they have not respond 



Why you should not deal with Smith Consulting

April 30, 2018 

Our shopping Cart is down

  Smith Consulting Spent 2 hours and 15 minutes converting  their shopping cart from their old shopping cart to their new  Razor cart and it still does not work

Can anyone recommend a shopping cart that works

Paid for two hours labor plus paid for the  new cart and still does not work

Sorry everyone 

May 19th 

A few items are avail to purchase the Majority of our Products are still down. 

To learn more about Smith Consulting 
please visit their website

June 4th


Almost two months and finally made a sale on one products
July 20th 
Government  Agencies phone tried to use cart and gave up.  We took order over the phone  along with  credit card information. Ship item same day. 
This is what the Smith Cart Razor Shopping Cart is supposed to do. 

Oh will it has only been how many months.