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Wild Rose by Moses (Amik) Beaver, Printed 10 x 13" on stretched canvas.
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Moses (Amik) Beaver
Summer Beaver

Moses (Amik) Beaver is a Canadian Aboriginal Artist, from the fly-in reserve of Summer Beaver, Ontario (Nibinamik). He is self-taught, his use of colour revealing. He works with acrylic on canvas, Indian ink on paper and watercolour. While Moses’ work reflects the black lines of traditional Woodlands art, he embraces his own unique style of embedded images of spirits, human faces and animal forms, transcending physical boundaries to the outer dimensions of the spiritual realm. In this his work reflects symbolism, realism and abstract imagery.

As stories for the First Nations People have always been a major tool of cultural transmission holding the history, values, beliefs and spirituality of the people, Moses hopes his work will resonate and awaken an awareness that is at once exciting and empowering, a way for all people to understand an Aboriginal world view.  Within this context, story telling through colour and imagery, he contributes to cultural revitalization, an awakening that continues to gather strength among the people to express and share the experience of being in and with the world, not masters of it.  

Moses works with the youth both within the educational system and in community projects.  This relationship with youths both inspires and motivates him and is a constant source of personal growth.

To learn more about Moses (Amik) Beaver Visit Lake Superior Art Gallery.